Hilda's engagement and wedding rings

Painting by Ronnie's mother as an art student

Rochdale vicar

A poignant letter from 1937

The vicar of Rochdale Parish Church pleads for someone to give Ronnie's brave, educated and very talented, but deeply impoverished mother a decent job.

Wilfred in uniform

Wilfred in uniform

Hilda's father in his Royal Warwickshire Regiment uniform before he was injured in the First World War.

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Childhood memories

Childhood memories

Hilda and Ronnie had drastically different childhoods. In this entry in a "Grandparents' Book", written by Hilda on behalf of both of them, we are told that Hilda was happy at home, and went on holiday to the seaside for a whole week every year. Ronnie remembers that his family was so poor he had to eat dry crusts, and only ever had one day trip to Blackpool.

"When we are married" St John's

"When we are married" 1946

This is the play, "When we are married", by J.B.Priestly, put on by St John's amateur dramatic society in 1946, which Hilda writes about in her letters. She is seated, second on the right in the picture.

Honeymoon postcard

The letters, the suitcases, and Hilda's favourite flowers

Hilda and Peggy

Hilda and Peggy

Sports day

Ronnie about to win a race

​Ronnie is about to win a race at the annual Sports' Day arranged by Robinson's, where he worked. 

He is the one dressed all in white. The date was 14th July 1951.

3 generations

Three generations of the family

Wilfred, Ronnie, Hilda, Wendy and Edith in 1957